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    A fresh approach to learning and teaching.

    Programmes for schools in Hong Kong

    A fresh approach to learning and teaching.

NET service and English courses for schools

English for Asia offers a range of age and level appropriate programmes and NET services to cater for the needs of learners in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools in Hong Kong. 

Our courses use modern communicative teaching approaches and TESOL methodologies to help learners of all levels and abilities to develop and improve their English communication skills. We engage learners through stimulating and challenging activities and tasks, motivating them to participate and learn. 

Courses are designed with a local focus, closely matching the Hong Kong curriculum and local education trends and intended to comply with suggestions and directives from the Education Bureau. They can be delivered in-person at your school or fully online using Zoom.

All teachers receive training to ensure our online classes are just as engaging as the in-person learning experience. Our team provides always-available support through WhatsApp and email to ensure your course runs smoothly from start to finish.


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