• Fun English Programmes

    Make learning English fun and enjoyable for your students.

    Fun English Programmes

    Make learning English fun and enjoyable for your students.

Fun English Programmes

Our Fun English programmes are designed to help children develop all-round English communication skills through a series of carefully designed fun and stimulating activities. 

  • Immersive English learning environment 
  • Highly interactive play-based learning activities 
  • Grow your students’ interest in learning English 

Jolly Phonics

Developed in the UK and used worldwide, this multi-sensory approach has proven to be very effective in guiding students through the stages of identifying individual sounds and letter formation to reading, spelling and blending.

Our EfA Jolly Phonics course features all the components of the international Jolly Phonics programme, supplemented with matching EfA worksheets and activities especially designed for local students, enabling you to tailor a course to focus on specific needs of your kindergarten. 

This course comes highly recommended by educators and teachers. 

  • For ages 3–6
  • Introduces the 42 most commonly used sounds in the English language
  • Engages students through fun stories and actions
  • International programme tailored for local students
  • In-person or online

English Wonderland

Produced in-house by the senior academic development team at English for Asia, this course is designed specifically for very young learners in Hong Kong. We can help you custom-build your own course each term from a variety of themes such as Animals, Food, Daily Life and The World. 

  • Designed for local students
  • Theme based lessons – custom build your course with new themes each term
  • Stimulates the minds of students by bringing stories alive through
    • Fun games
    • Phonics
    • Songs
    • Rhymes
    • Role plays
    • Drama
    • Arts & crafts
  • In-person or online 

Spoken English

Oral and aural language skills provide an essential foundation in the development of children’s cognitive abilities and facilitate the acquisition of social and communicative skills. 

  • Stimulating activities include
    • Interactive language games
    • Sing-alongs
    • Storytelling
  • Cultivates interest in English learning
  • Increases confidence in speaking and promotes self-expression
  • Relaxed environment
  • In-person or online

Preparation for Primary

This course is ideal for building a strong English foundation in preparation for primary school years, through learning essential new vocabulary, grammar and sentence structuring. 

  • For K3 students
  • Prepare and adapt to primary school life
  • Topic-based activities 
  • Students learn to express themselves in English through
    • Drama
    • Storytelling
  • Helps children understand the common feelings and emotions of transition
  • In-person or online

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