• Courses for Gifted Students

    At secondary school level.

    Courses for Gifted Students

    At secondary school level.

Gifted Student Education Series

Carefully designed courses challenge gifted students in their language skills and prepare them to become leaders in the 21st century. 

  • Taught by NETs experienced in teaching elite students in local and international institutions
  • Thought-provoking projects include
    • Magazine production
    • Morning assembly presentations
    • Knowledge quizzes
    • Event execution
  • Courses include
    • Creative Writing Workshops 
    • Current Affairs Forum  
    • English Enhancement Classes 
    • English Ambassador Workshops 
    • MC Training Workshops 
    • Film Review 
    • Story Telling 
    • Radio Drama 
    • Campus Reporters 
  • In-person or online

TEFL Training for Teens

Incorporating components from our internationally recognised Trinity Certificate in TESOL programme, this course prepares 14 to 18 year-old students to be able to Teach English as a Foreign Language in primary settings. 

  • Can be integrated into your IB CAS Programme, or similar community service programme
  • Prepares students to effectively teach English to young learners as part of their volunteer work
  • The course aims to
    • Familiarise students with key concepts of Communicative Language Teaching 
    • Develop students’ practical teaching skills in a real teaching environment 
    • Develop an evaluative and self-reflective approach to teaching 
    • Develop organisational and professional skills which are transferable to students’ future academic, career and personal endeavours
  • In-person or online

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