• Summer and post-exam period

    Intensive courses for primary school students.

    Summer and post-exam period

    Intensive courses.

Summer and post-exam period

Designed to be intensive and rewarding but also lots of fun, our summer and post-exam courses can be from any course collection. Some of the courses most popular with primary schools include

We also offer the following exclusively during the summer and post-exam period

  • Preparation for Primary (for new P1 students)
  • English Day Camp
  • Summer Bridging (for all levels) 

Preparation for Primary

Pre-P1 kids build a strong English foundation for their primary school years through learning essential new vocabulary, classroom language, grammar and sentence structures. 

  • For new P1 students
  • 10–15 teaching hours
  • Prepares students to adapt to primary school life through topic-based activities
  • Students learn to express themselves through role-play, group & pair work and storytelling
  • Special focus on helping students understand the common feelings and emotions of transitioning into a new school environment
  • In-person classes recommended

English Day Camp

Through our specially designed theme-based activities, students can learn and use English in a fun and relaxed environment. Students are motivated and encouraged to communicate with their classmates in English throughout. 

  • For P1 to P5 students 
  • 3–10 teaching hours  
  • Improves students’ oral and communication skills in a fun, relaxed and memorable way 
  • This day camp can enhance students’ creativity, communication and thinking skills for daily life
  • In-person classes only 

Summer Bridging (for all levels)

Students prepare for the new academic year with a focus on revision of the current year’s knowledge and introduction of essential new vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures for the year ahead.

  • For Pre-P2 to Pre-P6 students 
  • 15–20 teaching hours  
  • Thorough revision of the current year’s knowledge builds a solid foundation for more advanced learning 
  • In addition to the English language curriculum, Language across Curriculum (LaC) can also be covered on request 
  • In-person classes recommended 

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