• HKDSE and NSS Preparation Courses

    For secondary school students.

    HKDSE and NSS Preparation

    For secondary schools.

HKDSE Preparation Course Series

Our HKDSE Preparation Courses familiarise students with the format and requirements of the HKDSE syllabus.

  • Reinforces the skills essential for exam success
  • Authentic and contemporary learning materials
  • Written by expert native course-writers
  • In-person or online
  • HKDSE Skills and Techniques: Reading and Writing Series 
  • HKDSE Skills and Techniques: Listening and Speaking Series 
  • Theme-based Mock HKDSE Speaking Practices  
  • NSS Electives Refresher Course 

NSS Bridging Workshops

Our NSS workshops provide introductory lessons to elective modules as specified by the school. 

  • Lively and authentic topics
  • Students are guided to write and present on their learning experience
  • Basic concepts in
    • Drama
    • Short stories
    • Poems and songs
    • Popular culture
    • Debate
    • Sports communication
    • Workplace communication
    • Social issues 
  • In-person or online

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