• Spoken English Courses

    For secondary school students.

    Spoken English Courses

    For secondary schools.


  • Short, manageable units help learners express themselves both clearly and confidently
  • Focuses initially on key areas of pronunciation, with particular attention to individual sounds and blends
  • Moves on to word and sentence stress, connected speech and intonation 
  • Students are engaged in varied and stimulating whole-class activities plus individual tasks
  • All activities and tasks encourage students to practise English pronunciation and apply pronunciation rules for themselves
  • In-person or online

Public Speaking

  • Helps students increase their skills and confidence in public speaking by providing expert coaching to improve
    • Diction
    • Voice projection
    • Fluency and smoothness of speech
    • Pronunciation
  • Students are guided to define and research their speech topics, produce scripts and rehearse them to attain fluency in speech delivery
  • Recordings of your students’ final performances can be arranged for critical evaluation by our teachers for expert feedback
  • In-person or online

Debate Training

  • Developed by experienced members of UK university debating teams
  • Offers an intensive introduction to the art of debating
  • Training consistent with the style of the Hong Kong Inter-Schools Competition
  • Students cover research, refutation and rebuttal skills, which are critical to succeeding in debate competitions 
  • In-person or online

Speech Festival Training

  • Pepares your students to deliver a group presentation to an audience
  • Our trainers provide guidance and practice on diction, voice projection and fluency, as well as rhythm and timing 
  • Participants receive an audio CD of the selected piece, allowing additional practice at home
  • In-person or online

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