• Kindergarten programmes

    Quality English courses and professional NET service for your students and school.

    Kindergarten programmes

    Quality English courses and professional NET service.

Kindergarten programmes

We believe that children learn best through meaningful play and hands-on experiences. Our kindergarten programmes adopt interactive approaches such as learning-through-play to develop children's English communication skills and soft skills holistically through a variety of topic-based activities.

Our lessons include circle time, songs, story, role-play, and creative arts activities, which provide numerous ways for very young learners to develop their pre-reading, pre-writing, speaking, and listening skills, and build confidence in expressing themselves in English.

Engaging and inclusive activities encourage children of all abilities (including shy learners) to learn to express themselves in English, rather than memorising and repeating. 

We also offer specialised exam preparation courses which provide children with valuable practice and proven test strategies to help them confidently demonstrate their ability when taking internationally recognised examinations.

We make preparing for examinations both fun and effective by using engaging but challenging activities with a focus on developing and demonstrating communication skills and soft skills. 

All our courses are taught by qualified and experienced English speaking teachers (NETs) in an immersive English learning environment. 


Online learning

In addition to in-person courses (held at your school), our Primary Programmes can also be delivered as online courses using Zoom. Our teachers receive specialist training to ensure online classes are every bit as engaging and interactive as our in-person lessons.

Online courses can be offered as fully online programmes or as a contingency if schools temporarily close due to EDB regulations.

Learn more about our approach to online learning, and view our most popular online courses. 

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