• Professional NET Service

    For kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.

    Professional NET Service

    For kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.

Professional NET Service

Our Native English Teacher (NET) and English Language Teaching Assistant (ELTA) programmes aim to help students enjoy learning in English and to develop the confidence and skills needed to be able to communicate in English both inside and outside of the classroom.  

Our full-time and part-time teachers are able to teach and assist with planning and extra-curricular duties as designated by your school. We provide all necessary training, including ongoing continuing professional development, so that your EfA teacher is fully equipped and prepared for your school’s programme. Ongoing monitoring, feedback and quality control helps to ensure the highest academic standards are delivered.  

Find out more about the high standards established by our team of teachers.

Catering for school-based curriculum

Our NETs can create new lesson plans or adapt existing lessons to match your students’ ability in accordance with your school-based curriculum.  

The combination of our experienced NETs, professionally written course materials and contemporary TESOL methodology ensure the most effective and enjoyable experience for your students.

Dedicated programme management team

Our programme management team will be assigned to oversee recruitment, management and training of all NETs and ELTAs assigned to your school. This team will also take up the supervisory role for the teachers assigned, providing ongoing guidance, training and support, as well as feedback to your school, throughout the programme.

Supply teachers and replacement teachers

If a teacher is unable to attend a lesson due to sickness or unavoidable circumstances, we aim to provide a suitable supply teacher to ensure your classes are not disrupted in any way. 

In the rare case of a teacher resigning or, if your school is not 100% satisfied that the teacher is a good fit for your programme, we will arrange a suitable replacement teacher to allow your course to continue as smoothly as possible. 

Our extensive team of over 250 teachers based in Hong Kong enables us to provide a smooth and fast transition if supply or replacement teachers are needed.  

As a member of the Equal Opportunities Commission EO Club, we select teachers based on their qualifications, ability, aptitude, experience and suitability for the role.

We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and cannot entertain requests for teachers based on their race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin.

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Our professional NET service is available for kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools. Select your level below and submit the form to receive a quotation.

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