• Popular English Courses

    For primary school students.

    Popular English Courses

    For primary schools.

Interview Preparation and Development of Problem-solving Skills

  • 10–20 teaching hours
  • Develops problem-solving skills and presentation techniques
  • Students learn appropriate use of expressions and idioms
  • Enhances interpersonal soft skills (e.g. body language, eye contact, gestures)
  • Includes context-based individual practise and mock interviews
  • In-person or online


  • 10–20 teaching hours
  • 42 sounds, letter formation and blending
  • Covers word stress, sentence stress, connected speech and intonation
  • Builds reading and writing proficiency and spelling abilities
  • Engaging course content includes games, physical activity and stories 
  • Lively, challenging tasks, rhymes and pronunciation games
  • In-person or online

Learning English through Games and Activities 

  • 10–20 teaching hours
  • A series of specifically designed English games and activities
  • Motivates students to use English in a fun and relaxed environment
  • Boosts students' understanding of and confidence in using English
  • In-person or online

Drama for Primary Students

  • 10–20 teaching hours
  • Designed to awaken every child’s inherent potential for acting and performance in English
  • Motivates learners to express themselves as they explore new roles
  • Students work together to design, write and perform their own play
  • Develops essential life-skills, such as creativity in problem solving, practical & persuasive communication and confidence in speaking
  • In-person or online

English Debate

  • 15–20 teaching hours
  • Developed by experienced members of UK university debating teams
  • Offers an intensive introduction to the art of debating
  • Training consistent with the style of the Hong Kong Inter-Schools Competition
  • Students cover research, refutation and rebuttal skills, which are critical to succeeding in debate competitions
  • In-person or online

English Wonderland

Produced in-house by the senior academic development team at English for Asia, this course is designed specifically for young learners in Hong Kong.  

We can help you custom-build your own course each term from a variety of themes such as Animals, Food, Daily Life and The World. 

  • Designed for local students
  • Theme-based lessons – custom build your course with new themes each term
  • Stimulates the minds of students by bringing stories alive through
    • Fun games
    • Phonics
    • Songs
    • Rhymes
    • Role plays
    • Drama
    • Arts & crafts
  • In-person or online 

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