• Four Skills Enrichment Courses

    For primary school students.

    Four Skills Enrichment

    For primary schools.

English Enrichment Programme

  • 10–20 teaching hours
  • A tailored selection of modules from our most popular English language programmes 
  • Builds four skills’ proficiency
  • Engaging course content includes games, pair work and group activities
  • An ideal course to enhance your students’ overall English competency
  • In-person or online

Spoken English (Thematic Approach) 

  • 10–20 teaching hours
  • An updated series of courses providing communicative practise of language in the Hong Kong syllabus through fun and engaging activities
  • Thematic approach with interactive tasks makes students’ learning more effective
  • In-person or online

Reading Skills Enhancement

  • 10–20 teaching hours
  • Develops soft skills needed for effective comprehension of a variety of texts including stories, non-fiction, reports and poems
  • Techniques include skimming, scanning, reading for gist and understanding vocabulary in context
  • In-person or online

Writing Skills Enhancement

  • 15–30 teaching hours
  • Focuses on process writing, creating writing or read to write
  • Enrichment for comprehensive writing skills for all level of students
  • Engages students in a great variety of learning activities which broaden their vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structures
  • In-person or online

Creative Writing

Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, students are able to organise their thoughts and ideas to produce a great variety of creative written works. They will also work towards mastering simple sentence formation and paragraph construction at the beginner stage, then how to express themselves creatively and fluently at an advanced stage.

  • For P3 to P6 students 
  • 15–30 teaching hours
  • Students are encouraged to express their thoughts by brainstorming topics  
  • Covers a great variety of text types, such as short stories, blog posts, riddles, cards and poems 
  • Students can produce their own work individually and collectively 
  • In-person or online

Remedial English

Students consolidate their grammatical knowledge, introduced at Key Stage 1 and 2 levels. They work towards mastery of basic language items including verb tables, basic phonic skills, tenses, modals, articles, prepositions, adverbs, countable and uncountable nouns, as well as reading comprehension skills. 

  • For P1 to P6 students 
  • 20–60 teaching hours 
  • Emphasis is put on grammatical usage and four skills enrichment 
  • Particularly useful for students whose learning is behind schedule 
  • Interactive activities, pair and group work  
  • In-person or online 

English Enhancement for Newly-arrived Children (NAC)

Newly arrived children learn how to cope with their learning difficulties in English. All four skills are thoroughly covered to ensure that children can master their new language gradually and lay a solid foundation for secondary education.

  • For newly arrived P1 to P6 students 
  • 30–90 teaching hours 
  • Classes can be run every day after school 
  • Experienced English teachers provide day to day English support  
  • Course curriculum in line with the CDI’s English language curriculum for each key stage  
  • In-person classes recommended 

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